Friends of AMDAX

Becoming a client of AMDAX is quite an experience in itself. We treat our clients not just as a number, but as a fellow human with specific wants and needs. Therefore our clients automatically become ‘Friends of AMDAX’. And as you may understand, we take good care of our friends.

Friends of AMDAX

Benefits of being a friend of AMDAX

Access to our Academy

We can imagine investing in crypto can be overwhelming. Most definitely for investors who just started their journey, the jargon, valuations and endless stream of news can be hard to filter and judge what is correct or not. AMDAX has a dedicated team of analysts available who will guide all our friends through this crypto market.

Going the extra mile 

Are you a friend of AMDAX? Count on some extra birthday surprises. At AMDAX, we like to put in the extra mile for our friends and surprise them at moments least expected.

Backstage experience

In the financial sector, it’s quite common that you as a client don’t see the processes behind their services. What is really happening with your money and how is it stored? We believe in total transparency. Have a glimpse backstage to understand what we do, why we do it and how we do it by either; monthly webinars, live events or just a personal phone call. 

Dedicated account manager

We’ve all experienced those moments when you were trying to reach customer support and found yourself in the situation where you had to deal with different people, explaining your story over and over again. At AMDAX, all our friends get a dedicated account manager appointed who always will know your case and can help you further the smoothest way.

AMDAX Ambassadors

The world of crypto is exciting. At AMDAX, we try to encourage everyone to share these experiences, not just to inspire fellow investors, but also to build up a community of like minded people. Our current ambassadors have not only spoke about crypto, but also talked about why they invested in it and how they experienced our services. Would you like to become an AMDAX ambassador? Please contact us here.