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Part of your investment strategy may be to actively trade cryptoassets. For example, buying and selling at certain times or switching between bitcoin and altcoins.

Our trading platform gives you access to competitive prices and high liquidity to trade even with large amounts.

We do not charge any transaction fees for buying bitcoin, for all other transactions a fixed low fee of 0.2% applies.

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Professional trading facilities with the best service

Trading desk
Trading cryptoassets is not an everyday occurrence for everyone. We have therefore set up an expert trading desk to guide you through this. You can give us your orders by phone or even via chat. Very useful if you are busy.

In addition to bitcoin and ether, we support a careful selection of cryptoassets. Please contact us for more information.

Product specifications

  • Available for:
    Individual, business, and institutional accounts.
  • Costs:
    Euro to bitcoin: 0%
    Euro to crypto: 0,2%
    Crypto to crypto: 0,2%
    Crypto to euro: 0,2%

    *In case of a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will also be charged.