Personal approach

Digital assets are still a young investment category. For many people, it is a whole new world full of unfamiliar concepts. Also, the technology sometimes still has some rough edges and the connection to the traditional financial system is not always smooth.

That is why a personal approach is our standard. You can always call us to exchange ideas or for help in using our services. We can also be reached via e-mail and chat. For details, see our contact page.

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Specials for customers

Our mission is to preserve and grow our customers’ wealth in a way that fits a decentralised and digital future. This is only possible if we take you along with us into this new world. To this end, we do the following.

We share the most important news and our vision of the crypto market with you every week in our newsletter.

Once a month, we host AMDAX Live, an online event where we update you on the most important events in the market and new developments at AMDAX.

Specials for everyone

We are the partner of the BNR Cryptocast in which host Herbert Blankesteijn explores the world of bitcoin and other cryptoassets on the radio and in the podcast, together with co-hosts and guests of stature.

We also sponsor podcast Satoshi Radio and knowledge platform LekkerCryptisch, thus supporting the wider bitcoin community and contributing to high quality explanations, knowledge and information.

Trading desk

Trading cryptoassets is not an everyday occurrence for everyone. We have therefore set up an expert trading desk to assist you. You can give us your orders by phone or even via chat. Very useful if you are busy.

Transfer service

Do you want to transfer your cryptoassets to your account at AMDAX? We are happy to help you with this transfer. We offer a free of charge transfer service. Our specialists are ready to assist you personally.