Private Investment Management

Get more out of your assets

With services such as buying, storing, and trading, you can build and manage your own portfolio. For a simple strategy such as buying bitcoin every month, this is doable. But if you want to diversify or take advantage of new developments, it can be beneficial to place part of your assets with our investment managers.

Private investment management is a customised investment service that fits the individual investment profile. We bring our clients the best possible results, taking into account their beliefs, preferences, and outlook.

Put AMDAX to work
Private Investment Management

Full attention for your assets

Identifying developments
We continuously analyse trends and developments in the market. The number of applications of cryptoassets is growing fast and developments follow each other in rapid succession.

Because we spot the developments at an early stage, this gives you a competitive advantage in the market because it allows you to invest in promising projects before the majority sees the potential.

Identifying projects
We search for and select projects that best match the developments in the market. The selection process includes (financial) due diligence, technical inspection, and tokenomics research, amongst other things.

We then assess the investment risks and determine the relative weight that a specific project should have within the overall investment portfolio, taking into account your risk preferences.

Timing of purchases and sales
As the prices of cryptoassets can fluctuate considerably, the timing of purchases and sales has a great influence on the return on the investment. With quantitative analysis, we determine an optimal timing strategy.

The core of the quantitative analysis is the study of large amounts of data. The decentralised technology behind most cryptoassets provides us with data that is not available for conventional investments. This allows us to combine entirely new forms of analysis with conventional approaches.

Optimising allocations
By diversifying, we ensure that your portfolio has a more favourable risk-return ratio. We regularly review the optimal ratio between different components.

We monitor the market daily and adjust the composition of your portfolio if necessary. For example, if we expect certain cryptoassets to perform above average or a certain category to gain momentum.

Private investment management is tailor-made

If you think this service suits you, we will start by getting to know you by having a good conversation about what you are looking for and what we offer. If you are convinced about the services of AMDAX and you agree with the terms, we will sign an Asset Management Agreement and a Power of Attorney.

In the next step, we will discuss your risk tolerance, investment beliefs, and any other preferences you may have regarding investing in cryptoassets. This helps us to set up the investment profile for managing your customised portfolio.

Due to the intensive and personal approach, this service is available from a deposit of 250,000 euros. There is a management fee of 2% of the assets under management per year, and a performance fee of 20% on the achieved return.


We are happy to tell you about the performance of our asset managers. When assessing private asset managent, we think it’s fair to compare the returns with holding bitcoin and include all management costs in the comparison. Returns also depend on the level of risk. With a higher risk, you expect a higher return in the long term.

That is why we divided returns from the portfolios we manage to three risk levels: low, medium and high risk. In the chart below you can see the performance relative to Bitcoin buy-and-hold. Our fees have already been included, so this is the net performance.

Put your assets to work

Personal attention for your assets
Our investment experts manage your portfolio taking into account your beliefs, preferences and outlook.

You are in the front row
We constantly analyse market developments and carefully select the best projects. Does an investment fit your portfolio? If so, we ensure a good entry moment.

Constantly in motion
Developments in the crypto market are rapid. We monitor the market on a daily basis and adjust the composition of your portfolio as necessary.

Product specifications

  • Available for:
    Individual, business, and institutional accounts.
  • Onboarding costs:
    950 euro
  • Minimum deposit:
    250.000 euro
  • Management fee:
    2% of assets under management per year
  • Performance fee:
    20% of the yield achieved with high water mark*In case of a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will also be charged.