All crypto services in one place

AMDAX is more than a trading facilitator. At AMDAX you will find all the products and services you need to invest in the future of value and money. Everything is taken care of; our expert staff is here to help you.

All crypto services in one place

Our services


For many people, the first step after opening their account is to purchase bitcoin. You don’t need us to help you book euros and purchase bitcoin, but we are happy to help.

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More and more people place (part of) their cryptoassets with a specialised custodian such as AMDAX. We use strict procedures and advanced technology to secure your assets.

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Part of your investment strategy may be to actively trade cryptoassets. Our trading platform gives you access to competitive prices and high liquidity to trade even with large amounts.

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Private investment management

Private investment management is a customised investment service that fits the individual investment profile. We bring our clients the best possible results, taking into account their beliefs, preferences, and outlook.

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Salary and pension

An employer can offer to pay their employees a portion of their salary in bitcoin or set up a bitcoin pension. We then create an account for each employee and ensure that each month the agreed amount is credited and converted to bitcoin.

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Digital assets are still a young investment category. For many people, it is a whole new world full of unfamiliar concepts. That is why a personal approach is our standard. You can always call us to exchange ideas or for help in using our services.

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