Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more interesting for funds, banks, family offices, and other financial institutions. But even for these experienced parties, trading in cryptoassets is not a daily task. AMDAX guides you and your organization in buying and trading bitcoin and other cryptoassets. You will have a personal account manager with whom you will make arrangements for the purchase and storage of the assets. You will work with a professional infrastructure and a registered crypto service provider while benefiting from the same competitive trading rates as private investors.

Our services for institutional parties are always customised. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

AMDAX for financial service providers

Do you offer your own crypto service? We offer you the possibility to use the AMDAX infrastructure and our trading platform. We take the KYC process off your hands and you benefit from our professional platform. In addition, you get access to our service desk and trading desk, and we provide you with dashboards to easily understand your clients’ positions.

Read more about the benefits of AMDAX for institutional parties or contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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For institutional accounts:

  • Purchase
  • Store
  • Trade
  • Personal account manager
  • Access to our service desk and trading desk
  • Use the AMDAX infrastructure and our trading platform

Registered crypto service provider

The Dutch government has strict requirements for crypto service providers. AMDAX is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank under the registration number R166879. Investing through AMDAX assures you that you are investing within all relevant regulations.

Clearing, settlement & API

AMDAX works with an electronic clearing and settlement solution for transactions outside exchanges. A smooth, regulated settlement is guaranteed. In addition, AMDAX offers multiple API options to give you access to market data and trading services.

Full reserve storage

At AMDAX all outstanding balances are 100% covered by the reserves in our vault. You always have access to your digital assets, so it is always possible to make an immediate trade, without maximum trade size or trade disruption.

Secure infrastructure

We use distributed transaction signing. For institutional parties, we work with personalised governance arrangements for account access, trading and transfer limits, and co-signing of trades.