There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have invested in cryptocurrencies. Do you see too many risks and problems in the current financial system? Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio? Or did you get in early and are you looking for a professional party that can guarantee safe storage? AMDAX can help you with all these wishes.

You can set up a fully managed crypto portfolio with one of our private investment managers, or take matters into your own hands with our services for purchasing, trading, and investing in cryptocurrencies. Have you already built up a position in the crypto domain? Then store your assets safely into our vault.

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No transaction fees

In order to make it easy to enter the crypto market or increase your position, we do not charge any transaction fees for purchases of bitcoin. For all other cryptoassets, we work with a low trading fee of 0.2%.

Full reserve

We are a full reserve custodian. With us, storing really does mean storing. We do not do anything with your assets without your permission. At AMDAX all outstanding assets are 100% covered by the reserves in our vault.

Trading desk

Trading cryptoassets is not an everyday occurrence for everyone. We have therefore set up an expert trading desk to assist you. You can give us your orders by phone or even via chat. This personal approach is at the heart of our services.

Registered with DNB

The Dutch government has strict requirements for crypto service providers. AMDAX is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank under the registration number R166879. Investing through AMDAX assures you that you are investing within all relevant regulations.